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Audio Pod Released for Android Devices

March 11, 2011

For most Android implementations you can download the apk file using the included web browser. When the file is completely downloaded it will be displayed in the downloaded files list. It can then be selected from this list which will start the installation process.

This version of the Android Audio Pod application and was compiled for Android 2.0.

Audio Pod Impliments Daisy Downloads

August 1, 2009

In keeping with our aim to make audio books more accessible to more people we have now implemented the ability to download all our audio books to players that use the Daisy audio media standards.

We have updated the AudioPod PortaPod loader software with the ability to download either individual chapters or entire books using your Daisy reader's USB connection. As with our normal downloads to MP3 devices the PortaPod Loader can be used to manage the contents of your Dasiy reader.

Audio Pod Goes Live

April 1, 2009

Audio Pod Inc is pleased to announce the completion of our beta test period and has now gone live.

Audio Pod Launches Beta

April 11, 2008

Welcome to all. Audio Pod Inc is pleased to announce the launch of the long expected revolution in audiobook technology. The technology advances include the Audio Pod Audiobook Player with integrated Table of Contents and MP3 Bookmarks®; the Drag-and-Drop Audiobook; the Global MP3 Bookmark®; the eMail Ready MP3 Bookmark®; and the PortaPod Loader for listeners on the go.

Come and visit us during our trial period, enjoy some public domain audiobooks, and help us 'work up' our service so we can provide truly awesome audiobook experiences.

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