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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What kind of MP3 player can I use?

2.  Can I use my IPOD or Kindle?

3.  What is an 'audiobook hour'?

4.  How do I make a CD of an audiobook?

5.  Why do some audiobooks sound better than others?

6.  How Do I Download?

7.  What Ports Do I Need Access To?

8.  Can I Use My Daisy Player?

9. How Do I Allow Access Through The Firewall?

10. Is there a less cluttered version of your library site?

11. How Do I Make the Audio Pod Library a Trusted Site?

What kind of MP3 player can I use?

Audio Pod Technology was designed to use MP3 players that present themselves as Flash Drives when connected. Although we don't yet have a list of players that have been tested, in our labs we are using both 'Nextar' and 'Hip Street' MP3 Players with a memory capacity of 1GB each. A 1GB player can hold 6 to 8 average sized books. Each of these players was purchased for less than $20 at places like Walmart, local hardware and drug stores, and at some corner stores as well. This is not meant as an endorsement for either brand. Basically, any MP3 player that works like a Flash Drive should be fine.

You need to buy an MP3 player that uses UMS or MSC (they are the same thing). This type of player functions as a mass storage device, and will show up on your computer as an external drive (eg "E:\").

DO NOT buy a player that use Digital Rights Management (DRM), Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) or an internal database structure. If the MP3 Player requires Windows Media Player 10 or better, you are probably looking at one of these players. These players tend not to be compatible without a lot of fiddling around and even then it's not guaranteed. You will need to turn off DRM/MTP and put the player in UMS mode.

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Can I use my IPOD or Kindle?

The following is a list of MP3 Players DO NOT WORK.

  • IPOD
  • ZUNE

If you come across a player that does not work, let us know and we will post it.

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What is an 'audiobook hour'?

An 'audiobook hour' is a relative unit of measure related to the actual duration of the audiobook with a discount or surcharge rate applied. This is the number of audiobook hours your account will be charged to access a specific audiobook. The discount or surcharge rates applied are under the control of the copyright holder. Some copyright holders may provide content without charge.

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How do I make a CD of an audiobook?

Audio Pod technology is designed to eliminate the need for CD's and other physical representations of audiobooks. Everything in the Audio Pod environment is designed to use virtual representations of an audiobook, and deliver it to you without the need to manage media or resources. If you need a physical copy of an audiobook, there are a large number of resellers that will provide you with that capability. However, Audio Pod technologies do not support CD operations or batch file processing, so you will have to revert back to the manual management of media, content and resources.

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Why do some audiobooks sound better than others?

During our period of testing, we are loading our library with public domain audiobooks from many sources. These audiobooks are typically read by ordinary people using equipment in their own homes. As a result much the quality of these recordings may vary, the volunteers who read these audiobooks must be commended for a truly wonderful effort. In keeping with their noble intentions, Audio Pod will preserve these audiobooks in our library and provide access to them for all members at a reduced cost.

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How Do I Download?

Audio Pod Technology is designed to allow you to use audiobooks without manual steps including content downloads, moving files, tracking your position in a book, managing media or computer resources. We do all of that for you. To use an audiobook, install and start the Audio Pod audiobook player, then drag and drop a book cover from the website to your Audio Pod player. Then push the play button. See Using Your First Book

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What Ports Do I Need Access To?

The Audio Pod software is designed to use the two most common Internet ports 80 (HTML/WWW) and 21 (FTP). If you are behind a firewall make sure that you have access to the Internet using these addresses.

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Can I Use My Daisy Player?

The Audio Pod, PodLoader software is designed to output all the books in the Audio Pod library in Daisy format. If your Daisy Reader has a USB connection the PodLoader software will treat it in the same manner as any other MP3 player except it will manage all Daisy file sets on the device. Instead of selecting the number of pages to output per MP3 file just select Daisy Format and the entire selected book will be uploaded to the Daisy Reader.

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How Do I Allow Access Through The Firewall?

If your Audio Pod starts, but attempts to drop books are unsuccessful, you may be having problems getting through your firewall. The approach recommended by Microsoft is to grant Firewall exceptions for Audio Pod utilities, using the following steps.

  1. To manually configure a program-based exception, start the Windows Firewall use either

            Control Panel -< Windows Firewall
            Control Panel -< Security Center -< Windows Firewall

  2. Click the Exceptions tab.
  3. Click Add Program button.
  4. Use the browse option to add the Audio Pod Player. The default installed location is:

            C:\Program Files\Audiopod\Audiopod\AudioPod03.exe

  5. Click OK to save changes to the exception.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for:

            C:\Program Files\Audiopod\Audiopod\PortaPod Loader.exe

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Is there a less cluttered version of your library site?

If you only want access to a simlplified version of our library a text version of it in standard card catalogue format is availible at:

        Selecting a Book From The Card Catalogue

        1 - Go to the main description page of the selected book
        2 - Tab to 'Add to Bookmarks' option, and press Enter
        3 - Switch to Audio Pod using ALT TAB
        4 - Press F10 to retrieve new bookmarks
        5 - Select the book from the Audio Pod MP3 Bookmarks dialog

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How Do I Make the Audio Pod Library a Trusted Site

If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you may need to tell the browser that the Audio Pod Library is a 'Trusted Site'. This is a common problem when using Vista and Windows 7. With your browser open, from the tool bar select:

  1. Tools -> Internet Options
  2. On the 'Security' tab, select the 'Trusted Sites' option and press the 'Sites' button. Enter the web address


    in the website text entry box.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox that requires this site to use server verification (https:).
  4. Press the 'Add' button. The Audio Pod Library address should appear in the websites list.
  5. Close the open dialog boxes. You may need to restart your browser to make the changes effective.
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