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Publishers Wanted

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Audio Content Wanted

We are in the process of building the largest independent library of affordable audio content for consumers on the Internet. Whether you have one book or a thousand books, everyone is welcome to contribute. Duplicates audiobooks are not a problem because the selection of narrators is subject to consumer preference. Remember, we are available to anyone on the Internet, so the range of listener preference will be very broad. You can easily build your own loyal following.

Creating Audiobooks

Have you written a book that you would like to turn it into an audiobook? Or do you have a selection of public domain books that you want to brand under your own audiobook label? There are tools available today that allow you to produce your own audiobooks. If you are not satisfied with the results, or would like a variety of narrators, help is available from our audiobook partners. Services include fast, high quality, affordable audiobook editing and production. For a full list of our partners, go to our Partners Page.

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How Does It Work?

You provide the content, we provide the Audio Pod software and the Library services, the consumer provides the demand for quality audiobooks. Library Members pay a small fee for access to anything and everything in library. Revenue is allocated based on usage and 50 percent royalies are paid to you. There are no front-end, back-end or hidden costs. Just simple, easy access to affordable audio content. Everyone wins.

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