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Using Your First Book

Prepare Yourself

Audio Pod Technology introduces new ideas and concepts.
You will find it helpful to read the



Instructions you need to download and install
Audio Pod software are also there.

After registering, you will receive an email containing your
Drag-and-Drop Library Card used to configure your audiobook player.

However, you should remember your assigned Account Number
and Password. You may need it to 'Complete Your Setup' manually.

Start the Player

Locate the Audio Pod Audiobook Player icon Audio Pod Desktop Icon on your desktop.
Using the LEFT mouse button, double-click on the icon.

Complete Your Setup

Drag your Library Card from your email client and Drop it on your
Audio Pod audiobook player to complete your setup.

Setup dialog

If your email client will not allow this, use the 'Select All' option, then drag-and-drop the entire email message to the Audiobook Player. You will receive an audio confirmation of a successful drop. If you are still unsuccessful, manually enter your Assigned Account Number and Password on the 'Setup Dialog' of the Audiobook Player.

Drag-n-Drop Your First Book

Drag-n-Drop the book cover image shown here onto the Audio Pod Player.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some web browsers do not display the correct mouse icon for Drag-n-Drop Audiobooks, even when the drag-n-drop operation is being performed correctly. If the mouse icon shows nothing is being dragged, just do the drag-n-drop as though the icon was correct.

Book Cover : Study in Scarlet

Now push the play button

Play Button

on the Audio Pod Player.

Trouble Shooting

Nothing happened
Things to check are:
1. If the book cover appeared on the player, make sure your speakers are connected and turned on.
2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
3. Return to the Setup Dialog and re-enter your Account Number and Password.
4. Make sure your firewall allows FTP transfers. Read the firewall manual. DO NOT TURN IT OFF!
5. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure that is a trusted site.

I Forgot My Account Number and Password
Go to


and we will send it to you by email. You should have it within a minute or two.

I Cannot Find the Audio Pod Icon
If it is not on your desktop, you can find it using the 'Start' box at
     Start -> All Programs -> Audio Pod -> Audio Pod

Windows said I am not allowed to do this
When prompted, select 'ALLOW'.

How to Drag and Drop
Place the mouse pointer over the book cover shown here. Depress and hold the left mouse button down. With the left mouse button held down, drag the mouse pointer over to the Audio Pod Player. When the mouse pointer is over the Audio Pod Player, release the left mouse button. *** IMPORTANT NOTE: In some versions of Windows, the 'drag-pointer' does not always appear when dragging from some browsers or mail clients. Do the Drag-and-Drop anyway, it will work.

How Do I Allow Access Through The Firewall?
If your Audio Pod starts, but attempts to drop books are unsuccessful, you may be having problems getting through your firewall. The approach recommended by Microsoft is to grant Firewall exceptions for Audio Pod utilities, using the following steps.

  1. To manually configure a program-based exception, start the Windows Firewall use either

            Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
            Control Panel -> Security Center -> Windows Firewall

  2. Click the Exceptions tab.
  3. Click Add Program button.
  4. Use the browse option to add the Audio Pod Player. The default installed location is:

            C:\Program Files\Audiopod\Audiopod\AudioPod03.exe

  5. Click OK to save changes to the exception.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for:

            C:\Program Files\Audiopod\Audiopod\PortaPod Loader.exe

How Do I Make the Audio Pod Library a Trusted Site
If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you may need to tell the browser that the Audio Pod Library is a 'Trusted Site'. This is a common problem when using Vista and Windows 7. With your browser open, from the tool bar select:
  1. Tools -> Internet Options
  2. On the 'Security' tab, select the 'Trusted Sites' option and press the 'Sites' button. Enter the web address


    in the website text entry box.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox that requires this site to use server verification (https:).
  4. Press the 'Add' button. The Audio Pod Library address should appear in the websites list.
  5. Close the open dialog boxes. You may need to restart your browser to make the changes effective.

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Next - Download Player
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