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Audiobook Access Policy

A Drag and Drop or copy/paste operation performed from any source to any Audio Pod product will be interpreted as acknowledgment that the member is aware of the lending fee associated with a specific audiobook and consent that any subsequent actions that may result in a member's account being debited for the amount of the lending fee is done with that member's consent. For example, if you drag from a source other than the book detail page, we assume you know and understand what you are doing.

An audiobook is considered to have been accessed when a member first requests audio stream content for that audiobook from the library using either the Audio Pod Audiobook Player or the PortaPod Loader. Each individual access of an audiobook will have a duration that terminates after 90 days beyond the last access of that audio stream content following complete delivery of all audio stream content for an audiobook to a specific member. If the member accesses the audiobook on a subsequent occasion, an additional lending fee will be assessed against that users account for each additional access. For example, if you decide to read 'Dracula' this year and then decide to listen to it again 5 years from now, you will be assessed a lending fee for each access.

Note: The receipt of an MP3 Bookmark is not deemed to be access of an audiobook, and will not cause the members account to be charged for access. However, if the received bookmark is used to access the content of the audiobook, the members account will be assessed the access fee assigned to the specific audiobook audiobook..

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