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Audio Pod Member Subscriptions

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Account Credits

Member accounts are credited monthly with a number of Audio Pod Hours. The number of Audio Pod hours is based on your chosen subscription level.


Account Balance

Member Account Balance includes unused Audio Pod Hours that may rollover from any previously unused account balance. Member Account Balance is shown in Members area of each webpage.


Account Debits

Members accounts are debited by the assigned Audio Pod Hours Lending Fee for each audiobook accessed. Use as many audiobooks that your account balance can support. Refer to: Access Policy.

What is an Audio Pod Hour?

An Audio Pod Hour is an artificial unit of measure of time used to access audiobooks in the library. One Audio Pod Hour may be redeemed for one or more hours of audio content. Each audiobook has a number of Audio Pod Hours assigned that represents its Lending Fee, subject to the terms set by the copyright holder. The Lending Fee is displayed on the detail page for each audiobook, and varies from one audiobook to another. Lending Fees are shown in decimal units of Audio Pod Hours. Where audiobooks are free, the Lending Fee will be shown as zero.

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