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The Four-Story Mistake:A Melendy Quartet (2 of 4)

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The Four-Story Mistake:A Melendy Quartet (2 of 4)

Elizabeth Enright

Following up on the classic children's novel The Saturdays, Elizabeth Enright continues the engaging tale of the Melendy family--Mona, Rush, Oliver, Father, and Cuffy, the housekeeper-and their move from an old brownstone in New York City to a charming house in the country.

Called The Four-Story Mistake for its odd look and confused architectural history, the house offers the Melendys wonderful quirks and surprises. And though they are disappointed about leaving the city, the four children soon become absorbed in the adventures of the country, discovering the many hidden attractions that the Four-Story Mistake has to offer!

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Pamela Dillman

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Listen & Live Audio, Inc.

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Fiction, Humor, General



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