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Goodbye to Shy

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Goodbye to Shy

Leil Lowndes

Shyness is a curse. Shyness makes you feel like an unwanted guest in everyone else's world. Well-meaning friends and family say, "C'mon, just force yourself to go to the party... ask her for a date... talk to him... request a raise... join the conversation... speak up in the meeting..."

Don't they know how hard it is? The anxiety? The fear that you'll say something silly? The sparkling conversations in your head that you don't have the courage to start? Yet you know you have a lot to offer. If you could just say "goodbye" to being shy, you could get on with enjoying people, situations and life!

Author Leil Lowndes knows firsthand how excruciating shyness is. "I remember standing on the sidelines at parties wishing my dress matched the wallpaper to make me invisible," she says. "I wish I'd had this audiobook then. I am gratified that I can provide it for you now!" Based on the research of medical and health professionals, she has created dozens of ShyBuster exercises to cure your shyness.

If they worked for a woman who was shy around her own shadow, they will definitely work for you!

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Leil Lowndes

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Listen & Live Audio, Inc.

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Non-Fiction, Life Skills



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