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Blood:Stories of Life and Death from the Civil War

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Blood:Stories of Life and Death from the Civil War

Ulysses S. Grant

Abraham Lincoln

Walt Whitman

Stephen Crane

George Pickett

W.W. Blackford

T.W. Higginson

Sarah M. Dawson

George T. Stevens

J. McElroy

William T. Sherman

Adeline Grey

The Civil War, the most dramatic moment in this nation's history, also produced some of our greatest literature. From tragic charges to prison escapes to the desolation wrought on those who stayed behind, Blood is an extraordinary collection of reminiscences, fiction, and excerpts from diaries and letters by an array of soldiers, writers and observers that includes Abraham Lincoln, General George Pickett, Walt Whitman, Ulysses S. Grant and Stephen Crane.


Peter Kadiz has been a journalist for the Boston Globe, the Providence Journal, the New York Daily News, Money, Forbes, and the Boston Business Journal, and is now editor of the Boston Phoenix. He lives with his wife and three sons in Jamaica Plain, Mass.

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Christopher Graybill

Colleen Delaney

Grover Gardner

Barrett Whitener

Delores King Williams

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Non-Fiction, War, History



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