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The Time Machine

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The Time Machine

H.G. Wells

The book's protagonist is an amateur inventor or scientist living in London who is never named; he is identified simply as The Time Traveller. Having demonstrated to friends using a miniature model that time is a fourth dimension, and that a suitable apparatus can move back and forth in this fourth dimension, he builds a full-scale model capable of carrying himself. He sets off on a journey into the future.

The Time Traveller details the experience of time travel and the evolution of his surroundings as he moves through time. While travelling through time, his machine allows him to observe the changes of the outside world in fast motion. He observes the sun and moon traversing the sky and the changes to the buildings and landscape around him as he travels through time. His machine produces a sense of disorientation to its occupant, and a blurring or faintness of the surroundings outside the machine.

(Summary from Wikipedia)

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Read By

Roy Trumbull

Published By
The Story Spieler

Copyright (c) 2008 Roy Trumbull, All Rights Reserved


Fiction, Science Fiction



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John Jointer's Avitar
John Jointer

A Classic Among Classics

I love this book. The timeless nature of the story allows us to suspend our natural disbelief, and roll ourselves into the story and enjoy every minute of it. HG Wells provides a vision of the future that reflects the values of his reality and expresses it in terms that really entertain. The fabric of the story and the way it is told, apart from a few minor technological inconsistencies, leads one to believe it could have been written today. The narration by Roy Trumbull is the keystone that brings this book to life, and provides hours of truly enjoyable entertainment. If you only ever read one classic, whether you are Eloy or Morloch, this has to be it.

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