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Indian Frontier Policy : An Historical Sketch

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Indian Frontier Policy : An Historical Sketch

General Sir John Miller Adye

A description of the interactions between the English, Russians and the Persians in trying to gain dominance over the region of what is now Afghanistan during the time of the "Great Game" the mid to late 1800's.

"The subject of our policy on the North-West frontier of India (Afganistan) is one of great importance, as affecting the general welfare of our Eastern Empire, and is specially interesting at the present time, when military operations on a considerable scale are being conducted against a combination of the independent tribes along the frontier. It must be understood that the present condition of affairs is no mere sudden outbreak on the part of our turbulent neighbours. Its causes lie far deeper, and are the consequences of events in bygone years".

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David Barnes

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Non-Fiction, History, Politics



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Bruce's Avitar

Those Who Do Not Study History Are Bound To Repeat It

While listening to this volume I had to keep reminding myself that it was written over a hundred and fifty years ago. It seems that the problems that the British encountered in dealing with the situation on the ground in Afghanistan then are very similar if not the same as the NATO forces find them selfs faced with today. Even some of the players are the same, so much so that what continually comes to mind while listening to it is the old saying 'those who do not study history are bound to repeat it'

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