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The Adventure of the Three Students:A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

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The Adventure of the Three Students:A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes finds himself in a famous university town (probably either Oxford or Cambridge) when a tutor and lecturer of St Luke's College, Mr. Hilton Soames, brings him an interesting problem. Someone got into Soames's office and had a look at some galley proofs of an Ancient Greek exam that were lying on his desk. Soames had gone to a friend's for tea and locked his office. When he came back an hour later, he found a key in the lock. It turned out to be the servant's key. The 50-year-old servant, Bannister, claims that he had entered the office to ask whether Soames wanted tea, but had withdrawn again at once when he saw that no-one was there. Nevertheless, the proofs were found out of place, with one near the window, another on the floor, and the last still on the desk. Bannister swears that he did not touch the papers. Interestingly, Holmes can tell Soames which of the papers was in which place.

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John Telfer

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Project Gutenberg

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Short Story

Fiction, Mystery



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