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Alex the Parrot-guin

Cover Art for Alex the Parrot-guin


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Alex the Parrot-guin

Roy Trumbull

A crazy story which opens in Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America featuring Alex, a bird who is half parrot and half penguin. Next stop is an island in the Antarctic inhabited by ancient Egyptians who hail him as their god incarnate.

In Punta Tombo near Rawson Argentina he becomes a movie star and founds a chain of espresso cafes. His co-stars include Juanita and Glyn. In supporting roles we have Ruffa the dog and Al the seagull, Bernie the ibis and the entire tribe of Sethites.

Read By

Roy Trumbull

Published By
The Story Spieler

Copyright (c) 2008 Roy Trumbull, All Rights Reserved

Cover Illustration by Bill Dempster


Fiction, Humor



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