AudioPod : How To Use The Audio Pod Service

How To Use The Audio Pod Service

Step 1, Read the Documentation

Download and read the documentation. This will give you a good idea of what the Audio Pod service is all about and how it differers from the current audio book offerings.

Step 2, Subscribe To The Service

Complete and submit the subscription form. You can either remember your assigned account number and the password you entered or you can wait for your Audio Pod Library card containing your account information to arrive by email before continuing to the next step.

Step 3, Install the Software

Download and install the Audio Pod software. Once done start up the Audio Pod Player. Since this is the first time the player is started the Setup Dialog should automatically launch. If it does not press the F4 key to launch the Setup Dialog. Then enter your assigned account number and password, that you received in your subscription confirmation email, in the appropriate fields and ensure that you have the Global Bookmarks checkbox selected. Once this is done select Apply on the setup page to save your data. (See Installation on page 17 in the documentation.)

Step 4, Launch the Card Catalog

From the Audio Pod Player launch the Card Catalog using the CTRL+F9 key , this will automatically log you in and display the Root Index of the Card Catalog.

Step 5, Select the Book

Now navigate the links in the Card Catalog to select a book. When you have located the book you want and accessed its description page and activate the 'Add to Bookmarks' link on that page. This creates a Global MP3 Bookmark ® in your account.

Step 6, Load the Book

To load the book into the Audio Pod Player, return focus to the Audio Pod Player and press F10 to sync your local bookmarks with the global ones. (This also happens automatically when the Audio Pod Player starts.) Then press the F7 key to bring up the Audio Pod Bookmarks Dialog. Using the Tab key select the bookmark you want from this dialog and then press the Enter key. Now press F5 to bring the Audio Pod Player to the front.

Step 7, Start / Stop Playing the Book

Pressing any of the QWERTY keys will start or stop the playing of the book.

Alternate Ways Of Loading A Book

Method 1, Drag & Drop

You can use the mouse pointer to Drag and Drop any book's title link or cover art from either the Audio Pod Card Catalog or the Audio Pod Social Space directly into the Audio Pod Player.

Method 2, Copy and Paste

In the Audio Pod Card Catalog or Social Space Set focus to the book cover or title link of the selected book:

1. Press the 'Menu Key' on the keyboard (CTRL+SHIFT+F10)
2. From the Application Menu, select 'Copy Shortcut' or 'Copy Link Location'
3. Switch focus to the Audio Pod Player using ALT TAB
4. Paste the selected book into the Audio Pod Player using CTRL V

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