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Elizabeth Barrett Browning



Barrett Browning is generally considered one of the great English poets. Her works address a wide range of issues and ideas, including slavery in America, Greek and Italian nationalism, women's rights, and the role of art in society. She was learned and thoughtful, influencing many of her contemporaries, including Robert Browning. Her life's experiences, combined with her moral and intellectual strength, made her the champion of the suffering and oppressed. Her gift was both narrative and lyrical, ranging from sonnets to a verse-novel intentionally 2000 lines longer than Milton's Paradise Lost. Her weak points include a lack of compression; some would add that her work tends to be overly sentimental, and others have criticized her experimentation with meter and rhyme. (Source Wikipedia)


The Cry of the Children
The Cry of the Children
Read By

Christie Nowak

Sonnets from the Portuguese
Sonnets from the Portuguese
Read By

Kirsten Ferreri

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